u deserve to be happier than u r

#sketchin #vinyltoy #coomingsoon #doityourself #grimevice

#sketchin #vinyltoy #coomingsoon #doityourself #grimevice


Leta Sobierajski

Odd Pears Campaign

Odd Pears is an Australian-based company founded by Brock Skyes. They sell socks in Pears, not pairs. A Pear is three individual socks, two matching, one odd.

My new sounds:





Took 5 tabs of acid (first time doing it ever) and my friend gave me a bunch of acrylic paint. Painted it with my fingers tripping out of my mind. Also I’m colorblind, and don’t work with abstract work at all (I only have ever done drawing). Thought this was pretty wacky.

Wtf this is amazing I love you

Holy shit

The quality of the color blending is phenomenal. You are an inspiration.

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